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Lateral Cognition provides a variety of niche services ranging from media development tools to small business network support, hosted infrastructure, and hardware provisioning. Online services reside on private business grade fibre-optic internet connections at multiple sites linked by layer two private VPN, servicing all aspects of infrastructure from DNS services through to web hosting and business network services.

Lateral Cognition's own projects utilize open source solutions throughout, primarily provided by sourcefabric. The infrastructure is designed to scale up, allowing services to grow with demand. If you are interested in developing a media solution or hosting small business services, we can provide tools to achieve your goals.

Simple websites on apache or IIS webservers, dedicated virtual machine hosting more versatile solutions such as sourcefabric offerings, linux or windows servers, print media development and information flow solutions allow us to provide everything a complete media channel may need, or host your small business computing in our private cloud.

We aim to bridge arts with technology; to construct presentations and solutions that are not only functional but also beautiful.

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